Why You Should Use Werbylo’s Church Giving Platform?

Church giving platform is one of the best ways to raise money for the church. It is quite clear that we are living in a technologically advanced era and therefore, we must use this technology to support our community. Unfortunately, the number of church giving has been decreasing over the course of time. Members generally donate 3% of their net income in the church giving fundraising campaign. According to a survey, almost 50% of members are giving nothing. Well, there are reasons for it. Some of them are as follows:

  • Most church members are unable to attend church frequently. Therefore, the opportunity to donate money in the church giving charity is reduced.
  • According to a survey, in 2015, only 42% of churches got benefits from the online church giving platform. On the other side, almost 70% of non-profit organizations got donations from the online fundraising campaign.

Brief Overview Of Church Giving Platform

However, standing in the 21st century, it is very important to give preference to church donation software or church giving software. Moreover, there are many good fundraising websites that are paired with effective church contribution software. One such website is Werbylo. The advanced software program makes everything simple and convenient. Therefore, it becomes very easier for the church to manage the incoming gifts from the donors.

Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving.

Hank Rosso

The church giving platform plays the most important role in the fundraising campaign and therefore, you will have to make the right selection. However, we at Werbylo believe that we rise by lifting others and we conduct everything in the most transparent way. Therefore, you will always get fruitful outcomes from us. Before getting into the benefits that you will get from the house of Werbylo, you must have a concrete idea about the church giving platform.

Church Giving Platform

With the advancement of technology, we have different types of advanced software solutions available in the market. Well, the church giving platform is inextricably associated with it. But, this platform mainly focuses on the mission of the church. The church online giving platform is designed in such a way so that it can help the members of the church community. They will be able to make online donations without facing any sort of issue. In addition to this, the church will also be able to manage the gifts received from potential donors or investors. It will take the spiritual growth to a different level and ultimately, the relationship with God will be strengthened.

Well, there are several things that are inextricably associated with the church giving platform. These are as follows:

Familiar User Interface

The best part of choosing an online church giving platform is that it will provide you with a familiar user interface. However, not all church giving platforms can give you an attractive as well as a familiar user interface. If you choose Werbylo, the members of the church will get a familiar website. You can customize the church giving platform page as per the requirements. The core message of the page will always be there and therefore, there will be no interruptions in the spiritual growth.

Utilized For Multiple Purpose

Well, the church supports the community in various ways. It does not matter whether you are trying to expand the place of worship for a larger congregation or you want to create a new program for the members, you will always get support from the church. The best part of the church giving platform is that it allows the donors to support any specific project. So, if you want a donation for any specific project, you can easily start your fundraising campaign through the church giving platform.

Why You Should Choose Werbylo’s Church Giving Platform?

Well, Werbylo is one of the best online fundraising platforms for non-profits. The main objective of this platform is to help the community, raise funds from potential donors, and care for the helpless people. The key features of this platform are as follows:

Powerful And Simple Donation Management System

Werbylo has a powerful and simple donation management system. Therefore, managing as well as tracking the donations will be very easy on this platform. Lots of customization and simple integrations make the entire process simple for the finance team. It does not matter how many members your church has, you will get all the benefits of the advanced donation management system.

Make Your Own Custom Campaigns

The best part of Werbylo is that it allows you to make your own custom campaigns. The different project comes up with different requirements. Depending on these requirements, you can build your own fundraising campaigns. Moreover, you can track every single donation by yourself. You will get the donations or deposits on the very next business day in the given bank account.


Well, you will find no contractual agreements or exclusivity, zero hidden expenses, no commitments, and no contracts. You will have to pay one low fee and you are ready to start your own fundraising campaign.

By now, you have understood the benefits of choosing the church giving a platform of Werbylo. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Werbylo and start your own church giving campaign today.

Best Ways To Boost Year-End Fundraising

It does not matter how big your non-profit organization is, you must work hard for the year-end fundraising. 2020 is about to end and this is the most important time for year-end fundraising. According to research, almost 33% of charity is done in December. Therefore, there is no doubt that year-end fundraising is a big opportunity. But, if you want to utilize this opportunity, your organization will have to work hard. You will have to attract donors as much as possible.

However, attracting donors for conducting a successful charity program is not as easy as it sounds. You will have to work hard to achieve a fruitful outcome. It is quite evident that almost all marketers or fundraisers spend a lot of time to come up with innovative ideas for year-end fundraising. But, in the end, they do the same thing that they generally did in the previous year. Fortunately, there are ways through which you can make positive changes in your strategies, and ultimately, you will be able to boost the year-end fundraising. So, have a look at the following points to know more about it.

Only a quarter of young adults are financially literate. You don’t want to overwhelm them with terrible advice.

John Mcarthy

Effective Ways To Boost Year-End Fundraising

Fundraising is a great way to raise a good amount of money for non-profit organizations. It is mostly done online and there are several things such as fundraising websites, donation management systems, and many more that you need to conduct a successful fundraising program. However, you need to know the ways through which you can make your year-end fundraising program successful. We at Werbylo understand this very well and this is why we have highlighted some important ways below:

Don’t Hesitate To Write An Attractive Year-End Fundraising Email

Well, you will have to let the donors know about the reasons behind your fundraising campaign. Email is one of the best ways through which you can do this. The donors have the right to know everything before donating a single penny to your organization. Therefore, your email could be long as you will have to explain everything so that hesitation does not titillate the mind of the donors. Most people give preference to shorter emails but, in such a situation, a long email is completely fine.

In addition to this, you will have to understand how much information you should add to the email in order to develop a strong sense of trust. The donors or investors should know that they are making the right decision while making the donation to your organization. In short, it can be said that it will take time to go through the entire long email for the donors. But, if you put the right explanation in the email, it will make everything transparent. Ultimately, you will be able to achieve fruitful outcomes.

According to research, you will get a 45% better result if you send thank-you cards or thank-you voicemail to the donors. You can even call them directly to give thanks but, it will be difficult as well as time-consuming to call individual donors. However, when it comes to adding a phone number to the custom donation form, you will have to make it optional. Most donors do not want to share their contact numbers and therefore, if you make this field compulsory, you might not get a good amount of donations for your fundraising campaign. In such a case, you will have to make it optional.

The optional field will not hamper the fundraising campaign. But, according to research, a compulsory phone number field can reduce the donations by 43%. Now, after getting the phone number, you should make a thank you call. However, the entire matter depends upon the size of your organization. If it is too big, it might be impossible for you. In such a case, you can send them to thank you voicemails.

Run Different Campaigns To Ask For Donations

Asking for donations can be difficult if you don’t follow the right strategies. We at Werbylo can understand that situation becomes complicated during the year-end fundraising campaign. But, you will have to take things strategically and calmly. You cannot directly ask for donations. People who have not made any donation before will not donate a single penny to your organization in such a situation. You can run various campaigns on crowdfunding websites for charity such as email sign-ups, online courses, free downloads, quizzes, and many more. On the final confirmation page, you can add your instant donation page.

Well, we are suggesting you to transform the confirmation page into an instant donation page. So, whenever someone downloads an eBook or enables the email service, they will get the instant donation form on the thank you page or the confirmation page. It is an impressive way to ask for donations. It also increases the chance of getting donations from new donors. According to research, when you ask for donations through content, the number of clicks is increased by 200% and the conversion rate will be increased by 2%. It is really an impressive statistic and therefore, you must run different campaigns through which you can ask for donations.

Don’t Use Too Many Videos To Ask For Donations For The Year-End Fundraising Program

Most fundraisers want to use videos for the fundraising appeal. But, you might be surprised to know that this is not considered an effective way in such a situation. At least, you can use videos directly for the year-end fundraising program. Instead of using videos, you can use long text messages. You will have to explain everything in order to attract donors. You should inform the donors about the reasons behind your fundraising campaign. According to research, it can increase donations by 500%.

You can always use videos but, you should not use them for asking for donations. Well, you can use attractive as well as informative videos to show the value of your organizations. You can send the videos to potential donors through email. Then, you can ask for donations. However, you will have to maintain one or two weeks of gap before asking for donations for the year-end fundraising campaign.

Offer Recurring Donation Option To Your Potential Donors

This is one of the best ways to boost year-end fundraising. Yes, you have heard it right. Recurring donors are more valuable than one-time donors. The recurring donor can play an impactful role in the process of generating revenue for the year-end fundraising campaign. You will receive donations every year through recurring payment modes. So, how it works?

  • Donors will land on the donation page
  • After that, they will put their card information on the payment page
  • Finally, after clicking the submit button, a pop up will appear asking them to upgrade the gift to recurring payment mode.

According to research, this model can increase the donation by 65%. You might be surprised to know that it will not affect the conversion rate.

Choose The Best Platform To Raise Money

Choosing the best platform to raise money is very important. If you cannot make the foundation strong, you will not be able to get the desired results. Considering the present situation, you will get various fundraising websites. Unfortunately, those fundraising sites are not capable of giving you the ultimate result. But, we at Werbylo work in a different manner. We rise by lifting others and this is what makes us different from other money fundraising sites. Some of the key features of Werbylo are as follows:

Build Your Own Custom Campaigns

Well, we at Werbylo allow the fundraisers to create their own custom campaign programs. They can get the deposits in the next business day. The best part is that they will be able to track every single penny.

Get More Donors

Well, Werbylo promotes online fundraising and therefore, you will not have a problem to get a good number of donors. You will not have to invest a single penny to attract more donors. There are no hidden expenses and no contractual agreements. Everything works in the most transparent way.

By now, you have probably understood the best ways through which you can boost year-end fundraising. So, what are you waiting for? Visit Werbylo and start your year-end fundraising campaign today.

Reason To Raise Money For Charities To Donate To In Canada

Some of the benefits are as follows:

Charities to donate to in Canada is a great job. Canada is a beautiful country where you will find more than 80,000 registered charities. They do fundraising campaigns in order to solve local as well as global problems. Well, standing in the 21st century, it is very important to make donations for the charity. People have become busy due to their busy schedules. But, they can bring a remarkable change into society by donating money for charities to donate to in Canada. If you can engage yourself in charities, you will get endless benefits. Yes, you have heard it right.

Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have


Benefits of Donation

Some of the benefits are as follows:

  • If you give things away, it will basically activate the reward center in your brain.
  • Getting life satisfaction is very important. Fortunately, if you indulge yourself in charitable activities, you will get the taste of the ultimate life satisfaction. A German study proved that it really improves life satisfaction.
  • Well, most people do not know how to get the ultimate happiness. Fortunately, donating money to a non-profit organization can make you happier. There are many fundraising donation sites through which you can make this.
  • Most people want to do something for society but, they do not find the appropriate way. Well, non-profit organizations are working for bringing positive change into society. If you make donations to those organizations, you can protect your local community.
  • Well, raising money for charities to donate to in Canada can also keep your mental condition in the good shape. It will reduce stress and anxiety and you will be able to get rid of various mental problems.
  • Another positive aspect of donating money in charities to donate to in Canada is that it will reduce the tax burden to some extent. It will also increase community standing.

How To Find Charities To Donate To In Canada

Well, finding the right charity is also a difficult task. If we consider the present situation, you will find thousands of charities available in Canada. But, it is very important to know the value of your money. You should know the cause before donating a single penny to any organization. Fortunately, Charity Intelligence provides the report of Canadian charities. This will help potential donors or investors to take the right decision. It will help them to evaluate the situation properly.

However, there are many fundraising donation sites where you will get to know about the fundraising campaign around your area. Unfortunately, not all of them can give you a satisfactory result. This is why we will suggest you to visit Werbylo where you will get to know about the charities. You will be able to make online donations for charities to donate to in Canada.

Why Charities Need You

Well, the charities in Canada need your support to bring a positive change in society as well as in the world. After the arrival of this pandemic situation, the world has suffered a lot. People around the world have lost their jobs and there are many people who have become homeless. There are many organizations that are working for them. But, they need financial support and this is where you will play an important role. With your help, it will be very easy to tackle this difficult situation.

Why You Should Make Charities To Donate To In Canada

Well, making donations for charities to donate to in Canada has endless advantages. We have highlighted some of them here. So, have a look at the following points:

Get Financial Benefits

Well, you might be surprised to know that you will get financial benefits for making donations to the charities to donate to in Canada. After making donations, you will get a tax receipt. If you submit this receipt with the annual tax return, you will get a tax credit. You can get a tax credit of up to 535 of your entire donation. So, if you want to make big savings on your annual tax, you can make a good amount of donations. It will really help the organizations to conduct their tasks without facing any financial problem.

Teach The Next Generation The Importance Of Giving

Well, you can teach the next generation about the importance of giving by making donations for charities to donate to in Canada. When your kids watch you giving things away, it will really create a good impression upon them. They will know the importance of helping others and ultimately, they will follow in your footsteps.

Choose The Best Fundraising Platform

Well, choosing the best money raising platform to raise money for charities to donate to in Canada is very important. In such a case, Werbylo is one of the best platforms. The motto of this platform is ‘we rise by lifting others’. The platform allows the fundraisers to start their own customized fundraising campaign. Moreover, there are no hidden fees and therefore, raising money for a non-profit organization will not be complicated. The familiar interface will add extra advantage.

So, what are you waiting for? You should start raising money for charities to donate to in Canada.