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Donor CRM for Nonprofit

Werbylo is an all-in-one nonprofit CRM software. Our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is tailored specifically for nonprofits and goes beyond traditional business-focused systems. It's designed to track and organize contacts, donors, members, volunteers, grants, and other key constituents for your nonprofit organization. Werbylo’s nonprofit CRM solution can help you streamline your fundraising efforts.

What is a CRM for Nonprofits?

Nonprofit organizations require an all-in-one platform for managing relationships, tracking team activities, and measuring performance. A CRM tool does exactly that.


Werbylo's CRM for nonprofits helps you streamline your operations by tracking donor activity, events, and volunteers.


Multiple workflows and automations allow you to track the effectiveness of your marketing, estimate fundraising potential, and cultivate long-term supporters for your nonprofit.

All the Resources you Need

We provide all the resources you need to reach your full potential.

Show Your Appreciation

Thank your donors for their generous contribution.

Contribute & Rejoice

Experience the power of distraction-free giving.

Werbylo Dashboard

Gain invaluable insights into your donors with the Werbylo Dashboard.

Werbylo Ai

Engage your supporters on social media and make giving easy with one simple click.

QR Codes

Transform your fundraising into something truly engaging with fundraising events


Discover why organizations are leveraging AI-driven donor insights to optimize their fundraising efforts.

Efficient Communication Solution

We make it easy to express your gratitude and keep your donors informed with personalized messages. Our streamlined donor crm for nonprofit allows you to quickly respond to donations and send tailored reminders about upcoming events. Show your appreciation and keep your supporters in the loop with our efficient communication solution.

AI-driven Insights

Unlock the power of AI to uncover what drives your donors, with insights such as giving frequency, giving trends, and giving preferences. Utilize this data to maximize the impact of your donor engagement strategies.

Monitor Your Progress

Showcase your Werbylo Dashboard on a large display for all to see! Project the donations coming in in real-time and watch your total rise. Make a statement with your donations and ensure everyone is aware of the progress.

Powerful Insights at No Cost

Werbylo equips our member organizations and places of worship with powerful insights - all free of charge.

Fundraising Management Software – Main Benefits and Features

Nurture new and existing donors.

Follow up with new campaign donors and tailor your messages based on their previous activity. Targeted email communications can help convert one-time supporters into long-term members.

Manage volunteers.

Maintain a database of current and former volunteers with custom fields for tracking events. Transform your CRM into an effective volunteer management platform by streamlining volunteer communications.

Add value through member communications.

Use smart segmentation to send personalized communications that keeps your members informed and encourages repeat donations.

Streamline your workflow and operations.

Automate tasks, assign them to the appropriate coordinators, and create rules to assist your donors or member service teams in providing superior customer service.

Create event management workflows for fundraisers.

Capture new donor sign-ups and track every touchpoint at your events. Oversee who communicates with individual constituents and how.

Make data-based decisions.

Werbylo equips our member organizations and places of worship with powerful insights - all free of charge.

How does a CRM for nonprofits work?

With our donor management system, make use of the system’s  powerful data extraction and visualization tools. Gain invaluable insights into donor’s behaviors, preferences, and engagement history with our donor management system. Make it  simple for you to identify your top donors and make decisions based on data to fortify relationships. With a customizable dashboard and real-time tracking, monitoring key metrics and campaign success will empower you to tailor your approach for maximum impact. Along with Donor engagement Insights, you get predefined reports to save time and ensure everyone in your organization stays informed. Best of all, Werbylo offers these powerful insights at no additional cost, empowering your  organization to optimize donor engagement strategies.

Experience the transformational power of AI-driven insights with Werbylo’s intuitive dashboard and engagement tools to enhance your donor engagement strategies. Showcase your progress and project donation totals, and celebrate milestones with your donors. Use AI to understand donor motivations and preferences to maximize the effectiveness of your engagement efforts. With Werbylo, thanking donors is simple. Our  distraction-free giving ensures a seamless experience for supporters. Engage your audience on social media using QR codes to enhance fundraising events and drive engagement. Find out why many organizations are turning to Werbylo’s AI-driven Donor CRM for nonprofit to supercharge their fundraising efforts and optimize donor relationships by partnering with us.