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Empower Your Congregation with Effortless Fundraising Solutions

Raise More Money for Your Religious Organization with Werbylo.

Support Your Mission

Werbylo's free tools are designed to support your mission by engaging donors, learning their giving patterns, reaching them through multiple channels, and recognizing their generosity.

Doing Good Together

Generous people come here to do the most good.

Free Donor Engagement

Use our free tools to engage and connect with donors.

Empower Data, Motivate Donors

Empower your data. Motivate your donors to give generously and joyfully.

Effortless Bookkeeping Solution

Streamline bookkeeping tasks to save you hundreds of hours.

Customize Your Online Fundraising Experience

On Werbylo, connect with your members and over a million other donors to enhance your online presence. Personalize your profile and donation experience to increase visibility and recognition. Tailor your fundraising approach by creating custom offerings and setting donation goals.

Express Gratitude

Acknowledge the importance of every contribution with Werbylo's built-in gratitude features. Send thank-you notes and targeted messages to your donors through the Werbylo dashboard.

Streamline Your Organization's Operations

Werbylo's free fundraising and bookkeeping tools provide the support your mission deserves, allowing you to focus on what matters most. Our tools streamline the process and integrate seamlessly with the most popular church management software solutions.