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Increase Donations with Peer-to-Peer Campaigns

Peer-to-peer campaign

Level-Up Your Crowdfunding with Peer-to-Peer Donation Platform

Engage with a Wider Philanthropic Community

Free to Use

Create peer-to-peer campaigns free of cost.

Fast & Easy

Setup a new campaign within minutes.

Sharing Made Simple

Quickly share your peer-to-peer campaign links to an individual or a group.

Multi-Level Fundraising

Donors can choose to donate or fundraise or both.


Upload your branding styles to give the campaign a personal touch.

All Payment Types Accepted

Donors can make donations in their preferred mode of payment.

Peer-to-peer campaign

Streamlined Cloud Solutions

Effortlessly streamline your fundraising efforts with our cutting-edge cloud-based software. Keep a real-time, comprehensive record of your fundraising progress, ensuring you're always in the loop. Our user-friendly platform not only tracks donations but also centralizes attendee information, making event management a breeze.

Collaborative Fundraising

Empower your fundraisers by giving them control from a centralized hub. Our  Dashboard provides users with behind-the-scenes access to oversee their individual or team campaign objectives, respond to donor interactions, invite team members, and more.

Peer-to-peer campaign
Peer-to-peer campaign

Personalized Fundraising

Fundraisers can intricately define and refine their campaign objectives, ensuring alignment with the unique goals of their cause. The visual appeal of fundraising forms becomes a canvas for individual expression as colors and images can be tailored to create a cohesive and branded look. Adding a personal touch to the campaign description allows fundraisers to share compelling stories, infusing authenticity into their efforts.

Maximize Contributions through Optimized Forms

Surpass your objectives using P2P donation forms optimized for conversions. Supporters can extend the reach to their networks, enabling donors to share their impact through social sharing buttons. The forms facilitate options for recurring giving, allowing supporters to opt-in for ongoing contributions.

Peer-to-peer campaign

Elevate Your Crowdfunding Efforts with Werbylo's Peer-to-Peer Donation Platform

Werbylo’s peer-to-peer donation platform is designed to level up your crowdfunding efforts. Our platform empowers nonprofits to engage with a wider philanthropic community and helps to create peer-to-peer campaigns free of cost. With a fast and easy setup, nonprofits can launch new campaigns within minutes and share campaign links with individuals or groups. Donors have the flexibility to choose between donating, fundraising, or both, maximizing contributions and engagement. Our cloud-based peer to peer donation platform simplifies fundraising efforts by providing real-time, comprehensive records of progress.

Users can collaborate effectively by accessing our peer to peer fundraising platform’s dashboard. It offers behind-the-scenes control over individual or team campaign objectives, donor interactions, team member invitations, and more. Personalization is key to successful fundraising, and Werbylo’s peer to peer fundraising system for nonprofits allows fundraisers to define and refine campaign objectives with precision. 

Maximizing contributions is made easy with optimized donation forms designed for conversions. Supporters can extend their reach in peer to peer campaign for donation through social sharing buttons .Werbylo’s peer to peer donation software for nonprofits is designed to respond to the changing landscape of donor behavior. Our user-friendly interface and purpose-built capabilities empower nonprofits to grow their supporter base and work more efficiently. With Werbylo, nonprofits can provide a platform for supporters to promote their cause through individual and team pages, social sharing and personalized campaign communications.