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Donations Without Interruptions

Keep Credit Cards Updated

Automatically turn outdated credit cards to updated credit cards.

Recurring Donation

No more missed donations.

Donor Retention

Say goodbye to manual updations.

Get Notified

Both donor and nonprofit will be notified of the change.


Automatic updates are completely safe.

No Additional Cost

This features is available when you sign up with Werbylo.

All Major Credit Card Supported

Visa, Mastercard and Discover cards issued from participating banks in Canada.

Encrypted Credit Card Details

We ensure that all the saved credit card details are stored in the utmost secure way. We encrypt credit card information on our database, so that even if a data breach were to occur. No one can decipher the content. We also employ and keep updated with the latest industry standard security measures like PCI Compliance.

Increase Donations

When a donor’s credit card expires, so does the recurring payment that comes from it. Reaching out to donors to update their credit card information doesn't garner much of an interest while increasing the hassle. Having a credit card auto updater feature ensures that the steady streamline of donations does not cut-off.

Stay Updated

Auto Updater provides you with a detailed report on the updated credit card, declined transactions due to expired cards, list of about to expire cards and more. This helps you stay on your toes about all your recurring transactions and improve donor communication.