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Secure Your Non-Profit with Werbylo's Card Vault And Tokenization

All the Resources you Need

We provide all the resources you need to reach your full potential.

No Manual Data Entry

Virtual terminal uses card vault donor info.

Streamline Recurring Donations

Effortlessly add donors to plans & profiles.

Accelerate Donation Invoices

Use stored donor info to expedite invoices and streamline donations.

Werbylo API

Seamless integration with Werbylo API for secure donation acceptance.

Securely Store Donor Information with Werbylo

By securely storing the credit card and bank details of your donors, Werbylo facilitates a fast and convenient donation experience for donors. This functionality enables donors to access their payment information quickly for future donations.

Safely Store and Manage Donor Payment Information

Werbylo's secure database stores your donors' payment information, allowing you to effortlessly accept donations remotely, include them in invoices, or establish them on a recurring donation plan.

Cost-effective and Secure Solution

With Werbylo, securely storing sensitive credit card information is now effortless. Our solution guarantees PCI compliance without any additional expenses, providing you with convenient access to the data while protecting your system from potential risks. This makes Werbylo a cost-effective and secure choice for you.

One Secure Database

Werbylo's Card Vault provides a secure and convenient way to store and access your donors' payment information. Its seamless integration with all donation features in your account enables you to accept donations from anywhere effortlessly. With all donor payment data stored in one secure database, you can enjoy the convenience of streamlined management.